Artist Profile

 Spencer J. Derry

Spencer J. Derry is a UK professional artist.  He’s accomplished in 
many genres including:- Surrealism, Erotic, Outsider Art, Landscapes 
and Portrait drawings. His styles include illustration, ink drawings, 
fine art landscape painting; in colour and black and white. 
He draws on his imagination for a great deal of his art. He has many Influences including Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, Picasso, & H. R. Giger. Music, 

photography and films also inspire ideas which result in 
depictions and images in his work.

Education: Spencer studied BTEC Art and Design at 
West Cheshire Art College in Chester. 
He gained a Bachelor of Arts with 2.1 (Hons) at 
Hull School of Art, University of Humberside in 1996. 
Awards: Spencer was nominated for The Erotic Award : Artist of the Year 2012. Black Sheep Gallery, (Annual Open Exhibition) 2000:
Highly Commended
(Traditional) & 

Public Vote Award (Traditional).
Nominated for the
Randolph Caldecott Society Award in 1991 

whilst at West Cheshire Art College. 

Art Shows: Spencer's erotic art was exhibited at 
Festival of Erotic Arts, Edinburgh in June 2012.
His drawings were showcased at Festival Store at 2013, 

Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Showbox Sodo. 
He has also showcased his art in local galleries including Liverpool. 
Most of his artwork is now displayed and sold on the internet.

Spencer Derry worked with a well known musician
the late Prince /Paisley Park.
Creating concept drawings, art illustrations and cartoons. 
Art owned by the Prince Estate. See PRN Art