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Prince | Princestagram PRN Legacy Art Drawing

Original Art Drawing

Original Prince Art Drawing by artist 
Spencer J. Derry. 

I recently dugout the original file 
and remastered it. 
This drawing was on 
@Prince twitter & instagram 
now moved to @prnlegacy 
Princestagram and twitter. 
The quality of that version is not so good. 
(see below 18th November 2015 instagram post).

 Prince & The UnNamed Band Autumn 2015.  Art by Spencer J. Derry

I was asked to create artworks for a new 
Prince band in late October 2015. 
One of the 1st was of Mono Neon 
& that painting I created 
was published on a

The last artwork I made was in late
January 2016, an artwork of 
Adrian Crutchfield, 
which has never been published.

The KAJ drawing that I drew was 
later added to the commissioned  
social media banner in Summer 2016.


Prince wore an illustration, illustrated by me on his tunic with a single eye on the front. Originally I made the artwork as a portrait. The team increased it in size to show the eye on front and a finger 'Shhh' on the back. It is different to the Free Urself Art illustration which was also created by me.  
Seen at Warner Theatre in Washington DC 
(2nd show) at the last 3rdeyegirl Concert on June 14th 2015. 

Seen here (link below) 
on the 1st photo worn by Prince.

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C some more art Spencer created Here

All Rights Reserved Spencer J. Derry.