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Prince | Princestagram PRN Legacy Art Drawing

Original Art Drawing

 Prince & The UnNamed Band Autumn 2015.  Art by Spencer J. Derry

Original Prince Art Drawing by artist 
Spencer J. Derry. 

I recently dug out the original file and remastered it. 
This drawing was on 
@Prince twitter & Instagram 
now moved to @prnlegacy 
Princestagram and twitter. 
The quality of that version is not so good. 
(see below 18th November 2015 Twitter & Instagram post).

A post shared by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prnlegacy) on

I was asked to create artworks for a new 
Prince band in late October 2015. 
One of the 1st was of Mono Neon 
& that painting I created 
was published on a

The last artwork I made was in late
January 2016, an artwork of 
Adrian Crutchfield (different from the one above), 
which has never been published.

The KAJ drawing that I drew was 
later added to the commissioned  
social media banner in Summer 2016.

C some more PRN art created by Spencer  Here

All Rights Reserved Spencer J. Derry.