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Lines Five - Abstract Art Drawing

LINES FIVE Original experimental abstract architectural art drawing based  on the buildings and structures. Hand-drawn & painted artwork on paper with pen.  Created by artist Spencer J. Derry in 2021 (not framed) signed and dated. Buy Original Art on Artfinder

LINES IV - Abstract art Drawing

LINES IV Original abstract art drawing based on contemporary buildings and structures.  Hand-drawn with felt pen on paper with some graphite.  Signed and dated by artist Spencer J. Derry in 2019, artwork is not framed.  SOLD

LINES III - Abstract Drawing

LINES III Original abstract art drawing based on  contemporary buildings and structures . SOLD Original Art on Artfinder

Lines II ~ Abstract Art drawing

 Buy Lines II    SOLD  Affordable Original Art on Artfinder Original hand-drawn art drawing, artwork with a pen and acrylic paint on paper.  The idea of abstract structures, modern architecture and buildings.  Media: 8.26 x 11.69" on paper, pen & acrylic paint, signed and dated in 2019 by artist Spencer J. Derry.