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Judith Hill - On The Rocks Official Single Art 2018

Share Follow @SpencerDerryART Follow Spencer Derry @3RDEYEBOY  Judith Hill - On The Rocks - Official Single Art Illustration by Spencer J. Derry created in 2018   All Rights Reserved Check out my new single, “On The Rocks” via @YouTube . Artwork @SpencerDerryART @steviestarbucks @sachaskarbek #geoffearley — Judith Hill (@Judith_Hill) June 28, 2018 The Single Cover features on a New Story on Yahoo Judith Hill - On The Rocks Single

A Former Prince Artist

Share Follow @SpencerDerryART Follow Spencer Derry @3RDEYEBOY Spencer worked w ith a well-known  musician 2014-16, the  late Prince. Prince's team requested & commissioned Spencer to create   official   3rdeyeart   illustrations  and concept drawings for NPG Records .   In 2017, commissioned by Paisley Park for a one-off artwork,  as run then by   Graceland Holdings. Spencer  has also created official art for the  Fonky Bald Heads   and   Judith Hill . All the below Art illustrations are Copyright of Prince Estate and NPG Records.  (barring Left Profile artwork on 1st Facebook screen grab and on Prince's laptop screen grab yellow arrow copyright Spencer J. Derry)  PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL   HITNRUN PT II • UK / EUROPE TOUR  MAY - JUNE 2014 HITNRUN PT II - MAY 15th 2014  PRINCE and 3RDEYEGIRL LIVE Birmingham, UK.  The 1st Original 3rdeyeArt Illustration I created in January 2013  & worn by Prince mo