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Fonky Bald Heads - Official Art 2016

Share Follow @SpencerDerryART Follow Spencer Derry @3RDEYEBOY Fonky Bald Heads  - Official Banner Art - Art Drawings by Artist Spencer J. Derry.  Created in Summer of 2016. Fonky Bald Heads - Official Poster dated 24 September 2016  with Art Drawings of the Band by Artist Spencer J. Derry. Were U there! Just 2 years ago 2night #fbh per4med their reunion birthday gig 4 #kirkajohnson @ #bunkersmpls @kblackvoice @david_made_it @MrKirkJ @ColorblindFish #kato @JLarsonguitar with official FBH art by @SpencerDerryART 😎 — FonkyBaldHeads (@FonkyBaldHeads) September 24, 2018 I also created art for Prince & Paisley Park,    view the published Art i created   here Additional Commissioned KAJ Art by Spencer J. Derry for Profile Social Media. #NewProfilePic — MrKirkJ (@MrKirkJ) December 27, 2018 #NewProfilePic