Prince Artist

 Prince Artist, Spencer Derry worked with a 
well known musicianthe late Prince.
Creating (Freelance & Work For Hire) concept 
drawings, art illustrations and cartoons.

Art owned by the Prince Estate 
in these 16 links below.


2 x Official Art Illustrations
HitNRun PT II (UK, Europe May-June 2014) 
Prince wearing the 3rdeyeart Illustrations 
HitNRun PT II (UK, Europe May-June 2014) 

Essence Fest '14
Essence Fest (July'14) 
Official Artwork
Prince wearing the Art Illustration

Prince • Official 3rdeyegirl Cartoon Art 
FunkNRoll  (Nov '14)  

Prince • Official 3rdeyeart Portrait

Stage Projection
HitNRun Tour US 2015 

Prince • Official Free Urself ART
Stage Projection
HitNRun Tour US 2015 

Prince • Official Large Eye 
(Alternate version)
HitNRun Tour US 2015 
Prince wearing 3rdeyeart Illustration

Prince • Free Urself

Artwork created on Prince's Shirt
Free UrSelf  ITunes 2015 • 
Prince wearing 3rdeyeart Illustration
Free UrSelf  Art seen briefly on US TV.  2015
Free UrSelf  Info about the song. 2015
Free UrSelf  Tidal Autumn 2015
Official Prince T-Shirts x 2 • 
Free UrSelf  Art Illustration -
(last T-shirts on 3rdeyetunes
Sept 2015 - March 2016
Free UrSelf  Official Paisley Park Poster October 2015

Paisley Park • Official Poster

Mono Neon Art Painting (new band member) -
 Official Paisley Park Poster October 2015
New Funk.

Prince • Official 2014 Film
Crazy2Cool  Prince Wearing 3rdeyeart  
tunic illustration for this video. 

Prince • Paisley Park Door

Paisley Park 2016 Prince standing in 
front of the B&Z art illustration - 
on studio door at Paisley Park 

Paisley Park • Official Tour HB Book 
 B & Z (Introduction) Artwork Published in a -
Official Paisley Park Hardback Book. April 2017. 

Paisley Park • Official Poster
Official Paisley Park Artwork
 'Musicology 2017' Poster

Paisley Park • Official Musicology 2017 T-Shirt 
Official Art illustration

All artworks above are copyright of Prince Estate / NPG Records 

Summer 2016
Prince related: Created the Art Banner Illustrations 
for the Fonky Bald Heads 
All rights reserved 'Fonky Bald Heads' Art - Spencer J Derry