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A Former Prince Artist

A Former Prince Artist. Surrealist, Visionary British Artist Spencer J. Derry, worked off and on with a well-known musician, a funk legend, the Minneapolis genius, the late Prince.  All Art Illustrations in the Photos & Posters below were created by Spencer. All the below artworks on this page are Copyright of Prince Estate & NPG Records. (barring two images; one is on the Official Prince Facebook, 1st screen shot on Profile & Second is My Cartoon Wants 2 Play With Ur Cartoon on Princestagram)

MAY - JUNE 2014

HITNRUN PT II - MAY 15th 2014 PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL LIVE. Birmingham, England, LG Arena.The Original '3rd Eye Prince Art' on tunic is illustrated by Spencer J. Derry. Full Art Illustration created Jan 2013 (as seen below). 

Above, the original 3rdeyeArt illustration signed in bottom right corner 'Derry' whilst i was under the alias 3rdeyeboy. This artwork was worn by Prince in HitnRun Pt II Shows May - June 2014 in UK/ Europe Shows. I created this drawing on 12th January 2013, on my dining room table. I visioned this artwork directly on to paper, and took about 1 hour & half complete.

HITNRUN PT II - MAY 23rd 2014 . PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL LIVE. First Direct Arena, Leeds, England. The Original '3rdeyelens' illustration a Spencer J. Derry Art Illustration, this version was created in April 2014 HitNRun PT II

I was asked to create the '3rdeyelens' art illustration worn on Prince's tunic here in photo above & below. I created this version in April 2014, based on my original concept drawing, which was created early January 2013 (the original  drawing didn't have the afro). The April 2014 version was worn by Prince in May to July 2014 at HITNRUN PT II Shows (this photo above is from MAY 23rd 2014, PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL LIVE. First Direct Arena, Leeds, England. ) 

Note: Prince also wore this tunic at Essence Festival  at the  Superdrome , New Orleans on July 4th 2014 in front of nearly 60,000 people.

JULY 4th  2014

Prince wearing the Original '3rdEyeLens' .Prince Official Art Illustration on histunic at Essence Fest, The Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans. July 4th 2014, In front of nearly 60,000 audience.


Prince & 3rdeyegirl Official Art Illustration  in Nov '14. Later Seen at HITNRUN US Tour Projection in 2015 {Modified} Notice The Eyes on Prince's shoulders Art Illustration by Spencer J. Derry.
Screen grab From Prince's Official Facebook Page on 16th November 2014.  Hand Drawn Art Illustrations created by SpencerJ. Derry
Prince - Official Facebook Page16th November 2014. Official Prince 3rdeyegirl Art on Main Banner. The Profile art (left)  is not owned by Prince Estate.
Prince - Official Facebook Page 18th November 2014. Official Prince Art Banner & Profile 


ART Projection at HITNRUN US 2015
Official Portrait Art Illustration of Prince on Stage Projection HitNRun Tour US 2015. Hand-painted on paper is by Spencer J. Derry created in 2014.
Stare - Free Urself  - Official YouTube Promo Late May 2015. Art seen in Back Projections at Prince & 3rdeyegirl HITNRUN US Tour 2015. Art Illustration on Tunic is by Spencer J. Derry

 Back Projection - Free Urself Artwork - HITnRUNUS Tour 2015
Free UrSelf Art seen in Back Projections atPrince & 3rdeyegirl HITNRUN US Tour 2015.

 Prince - HITNRUN US TOUR - Washington DC , Warner Theater , June 14.
Prince wearing  'One Eye' on Front of Tunic with 'Shhh and Symbol' on finger the back. Artwork was increased in size from an Original 'Alternative' 3rdeyeart Prince  portrait from 2014. HitNRun US Tour 2015. Art Illustration on Tunic is by Spencer J. Derry

Prince wearing  'One Eye' on Front of Tunic with 'Shhh and Symbol on finger' the back. Artwork was increased in size from an Original 'Alternative' 3rdeyeart. Prince portrait from 2014. HitNRun US Tour 2015. Art Illustration on Tunic is by Spencer J. Derry 

28th - 30th SEPTEMBER 2015
 Prince - Free Urself Single with Art by Spencer J. Derry on the tunic.
Free UrSelf Single on Tidal - 
28th September 2015
Free UrSelf  Single on ITunes - 
30th September 2015
Free Urself became Prince's final single released during his lifetime
Free UrSelf  Info about the song

Free UrSelf  Single Art 
seen briefly on US TV.  2015

 The Last Official Prince T-shirts on 3rdeyetunes- Closed late March 2016.
Free UrSelf  - Art Illustration 
The Last Official Prince T-Shirts 
on 3rdeyetunes
Art Illustration on Tunic is by Spencer J. Derry

Above: Official Prince Merch 'Free Urself' from late 2015. Original Art illustration was created by Spencer J. Derry on a hot summer's night in 2014 . I created this from my imagination in one evening with no instructions. The keyboards in the sky are Moogs, which Prince used early on in his career. The eyes circling above the ladder are loosely based on the moon phases. The rest of the illustration not seen in this photo is based on symbolism. ( full illustration later published in full for Musicology2017 event at PP). 2 x Free Urself t-shirts were the last artworks on Prince's 3rdeyetunes  Official website which ended in late March 2016. There is a black and white  photo of Prince standing infront of this illustration made in2 a door, near the kitchen at Paisley Park, when he played a gala performance around 21st January 2016 ( seen on Princestagram ). Also, this artwork is worn by Prince on his last studio single Free Urself on itunes late September 2015. A version of this was also worn by Prince in his HitnRun US SHOWS in spring / summer 2015 and Projected in shows. This t-shirt was sent direct to me, seems to have been the last one lurking at Paisley Park
29th Sept 2015 - End of March 2016


Free Urself
Free UrSelf Official Paisley Park Poster October 2015. Artwork created on Prince's Shirt

Official Paisley Park Poster November 2015. New Funk - Featuring Art Painting of Mono Neon, a New Band Member . Art Illustration on Poster is by Spencer J. Derry. "I used acrylic, pen and paper & background was digital. I created this one very fast and I liked the finished result".

Original Art Drawing

Original Prince Art Drawing by artist Spencer J. Derry.  Spencer recently dugout the original file and remastered it. This drawing was on @Prince twitter & instagram now moved to @prnlegacy Princestagram and twitter. The quality of that version is not so good. (see below 18th November 2015 instagram post).

I was asked to create artworks for a Unnamed Prince band in late October 2015. One of the 1st was of Mono Neon & that painting I created was published on a Paisley Park After Dark Poster.  The last artwork I made was in late January 2016, an artwork of Adrian Crutchfield, which has never been published. The KAJ drawing that I drew was later added to the commissioned Fonky Bald Heads  social media banner in Summer 2016.

Prince wore an illustration, illustrated by me on his tunic with a single eye on the front. Originally I made the artwork as a portrait. The team increased it in size to show the eye on front and a finger 'Shhh' on the back. It is different to the Free Urself Art illustration which was also created by me.  Seen at Warner Theatre in Washington DC  (2nd show) at the last 3rdeyegirl Concert on June 14th 2015. Seen here (link below) on the 1st photo worn by Prince.

A post shared by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prnlegacy) on

My Cartoon Wants 2 Play With Cartoon. All Rights Reserved Spencer J. Derry.

 ‘CRAZY 2 COOL’: The Current to play exclusive live medley by Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL
Prince • Segment of a HITnRun PT II 2014. Official Concert Film Crazy2Cool Prince Wearing the 3rdeyeart  Illustration tunic. Though slightly hidden under grey wrap. 

Paisley Park - 21st January 2016 - Piano & Microphone
Prince standing in front of a Paisley Park Door on 21st January 2016 at Paisley Park  The Art illustration on the door was later seen in full on Musicology '17 Poster. Photo posted on Princestagram  on 21st Jan 2016. Art Illustration on Door is by Spencer J. Derry

A Celebration 2017 - Official Paisley Park Tour Book - Limited Edition. (Above) Art Illustration by Spencer J. Derry (left) Name credited in this limited run book as 'Spencer Derry'.


 Musicology 2017 Poster - Art illustration by Spencer Derry
Official Paisley Park Poster from 'Musicology 2017' Art Illustration Created by Spencer J. Derry in 2014. Owned by Prince and The Estate. Name Credit by Paisley Park in comment section see link . Spencer 's name should have been included in body text.

Official Pop-up Exhibition 2018

One of  the last Prince Guitar Strap 's which was made by Heavy Leather. Artwork can seen on guitar strap as above Musicology art illustration, strap was  included in the Expo at a Minneapolis Mall, January  2018.

Below; A rare tweet from Donna Grantis from 3rdeyegirl about the art i had created. 

MAR - AUG 2018
 My Name is Prince Expo in Amsterdam - March to August 2018
My Name is Prince  Amsterdam 2018 Right in photo : The Original Hand Drawn '3rd Eye Lens' art illustration (April 2014 version) which Spencer created and was worn by Prince at HITNRUN PTII 2014 / Essence Fest July 4th 2014. Left in photo: Free Urself Shirt with the eye illustration which Spencer also illustrated.

All the above artworks on this page are Copyright of Prince Estate & NPG Records. (barring two images One is on the Official Prince Facebook 1st screen shot on Profile & Second is My Cartoon Wants 2 Play With Ur Cartoon on Princestagram)

Prince Related Artists, which Spencer has created Official Original Art for are The Fonky Bald Heads and;Judith Hill.